Our legal consultant is conducted by B.A.C.A law firm. We can perform the services of legal consultation, advice and other in terms of litigation or non litigation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Any disputes may be resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution. The resolutions shall be extremely appropriate to fulfill the interest of businessman who intends to settle the disputes faster than general judicature. There are many positive sides can be obtained from this system and the secrecy of the parties shall be more protected. We consist of the best negotiators in settling any legal problems outside of the general judicature.

Banking and Finance

We have expertise in handling finance and banking institution cases and also provide the solutions in the following:

  • Loan Settlement
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Legal due dilligence
  • Loan Syndication

Criminal Law

We are handling criminal cases that caused by every aspect, and providing advocacy for the clients in respect of summons or prosecution and accompanying clients to face the judiciaries, police authority and authority functionaries in the case of:

  • Corruption
  • Collusion
  • Reputation defiled
  • Defamation
  • Illegal act
  • etc

Corporate and Commercial

We are legal consultants that provide a legal service and assist clients to serve their businesses included as follows:

  • Establishment of Company
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Sale and Purchase of Company Assets
  • Franchising and Licensing
  • Investment
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insurance
  • Property and Real Estate
  • Anti Trust
  • Capital Market

Labor and Employment

The dispute between entrepreneurs and workers in industrial relationship is the common case and frequently happens. Our lawyers can assist and satisfy any parties in resolving the problems. We provide legal consultations in creating a well-balanced industrial relationship between the employer and the employee including the resolutions of employee’s complains, carrying out any arbitration between the parties as well as negotiating to make an equal working agreement between the employer and the employee. We represent the disputing parties to the court prosecution both in judicial court or extra judicial court. We also negotiate with opposite parties at any stage of the proceedings.


The telecommunication business will grow in significant numbers because the new law provides the wide opportunities to the any parties to get involved in this business. The state-owned company shall not dominate the telecommunication administrator and this situation gives an enthusiasm to a private company to play a role in this business. BACA & Associates shall serve the clients that are interested in this business and provide a legal service to the clients. We have experienced and trained lawyers in handling telecommunication services domestically as well as internationally.


The growth of Insurance awareness also has generated the increasing of Insurance problems. The disputes arising between Insurance Company and individual are mostly about the claims. BACA & Associates consists of lawyers who can understand the needs of the clients to settle such problem. We are able to handle any cases related to insurance law. We provide the legal services to clients including assisting and representing clients in settlement of the claim and representing clients in litigation.

Intellectual Property Rights

The trends of economic global have brought to the fact that every government raises a significant concern upon intellectual property rights. It can be seen from the provisions of Indonesia regulations about intellectual property that provides more protections to the holders of these rights in line with the treaties and convention that were ratified by the Indonesian Government. The Indonesian intellectual property rights law presently consists of a framework for industrial property comprising of trade marks, geographical indications, indications of origin, patents, utility patents, industrial designs, integrated circuit layout designs, trade secrets and copyright, which in turn comprises copyrights and neighboring (ancillary) rights. We provide services including assisting with registration of trade and service marks; assisting and representing clients in negotiations of settlements; assisting and representing clients in litigation against infringers of intellectual property rights; assisting in the negotiation of license and franchise agreements.

Other Legal Services

We can settled your needs on other legal services.